Why "m-Toll"

Why "m-Toll"

Toll hassles mean. Loss of Customer Loyalty

Toll Plaza can be a bottle neck for smooth flow of traffic. This is due to the stop - pay - go system for cash/ Tag/ Biometric systems.

Today, mobile phones are wide spread and "m-Toll" liverage this wide avaibility of mobile phones to provide fast secure and feature rich service to toll commuters.

"m-Toll" works on industry standard technologies and provides amazing range of inter-operatibility and compliance to security protocols.

"m-Toll" is the fastest "go to Market " technology for stopless electronic toll payment collection & Toll road service extension.

For commuters and fleet owners one device & one app is your pass through all toll plazas. Itemized reports of usage can be viewed and exported in various formats.

Commuters receive alerts and valuable information about toll conditions, etc.

Smart features for fleet owners make "m-Toll" the technology fo choice to prevent wastage,inefficiency, theft and delays.

Leap from to the smart and dynamic toll management & commute techonology