The "m-Toll" Advantage

The "m-Toll" Advantages


    • Can work alongside any legacy systems like cash, RFID,etc.

    • Quick and easy payment at all Toll Plazas

    • Excellent customer service, providing 24/7 assistance

For Toll booth operator

    • Stop less passage

    • Cash less passage => Fast credit of revenues

    • No need of physical inventory or purchase of user devices( eg. RFID Tags,etc)

    • Less cost on manpower & cash handling / management at toll booth

    • Less total cost of infrastructure vis-à-vis RFID based or biometrics based systems

    • Interoperability with any industry standard payment / secure systems

    • Built on open source industry standards

    • Can work with legacy systems including RFID

    • Deeper & Dynamic user Connect

    • Easy dynamic toll revisions

    • Can connect to users remotely

    • Higher security on toll road & at plazas

For users

    • No hardware purchase necessary

    • Fast Travel

    • Avoid fuel wastage

    • No "Exact change" issues

    • Flexibility to pay from different bank accounts and mobile phone for different vehicles

    • Single point payment for fleet owners

    • Emergency support

    • Intelligent trip advise